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What is Reasonhood?

Reasonhood is a premium discussion centered social community where Persons of Reason start smart discussions, comment the news, express strong opinions, engage in conversations that matter, discover like-minded people and above all, have a lot of fun!


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How Reasonhood is different and why you should join us

As Persons of Reason, we deal with the most profound subject of all which is REALITY, and because of that, we face prejudices and censorship in our lives and across the internet.

So you might be wondering... Why would you want to sign up for Reasonhood? You probably already are part of the biggest social media websites... It's simple! The big guys are generic mega platforms made to attract the biggest number of people. We are specific to a group and a cause and our purpose is to attract only the right people.

The reality of those big sites is that every day more and more non-religious persons are getting their content blocked and having their accounts deactivated due to the infantile religious majority that report any content they consider offensive.

We live in a religious world. When a believer gets offended its wishes are promptly fulfilled. Why? Because they are the majority. The big guys are big companies and big companies seek big numbers. They will never pick a small group of people over a giant group because the giant group is more profitable. That's just a business decision to them. So, in order to avoid any possibility of a problem with the majority, our content is removed, our profiles blocked and our accounts banned.

Now that you are aware of some of the reasons why we've created Reasonhood, it's important to make things clear! Reasonhood is not an alternative to any website. Every platform has its qualities and serves a specific purpose better than the other.

Reasonhood is a community made for those who are free from religion. Period. For us, it doesn't matter how many "labels" you fit in or even if you don't like the idea of having a label.

We built Reasonhood to be a safe place to discuss and criticize the most sensitive subjects, a place where freedom of speech is really guaranteed and I invite you to join us right now! Come, we are waiting for you inside.

Kace Porter
Kace Porter Reasonhood Founder

So, if you believe you are a match, read our terms, check the box and click Continue to proceed to the registration page!

I'm aware that: 1) Members are not bothered to become Patrons. 2) Paid memberships help us sustain the community. 3) We don't accept donations. 4) We don't sell ads. 5) We don't beg for money.
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